Isabelle Anastacia:

we heart you!

You're going to do SO. FRICKEN. AMAZING. this 2023 Color Guard season and we can't wait to cheer you on from all over the world!

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Good luck, Iz!

From that first ballet practice,

to always twirling in the living room,

to your big dance recital -

you've always been AMAZING at

expressing yourself

through movement.

I am SO proud of you for joining Color Guard and for being such a STRONG member of the team!

xoxo, Mom

(and Thor)

We love you so much!

Have so much fun and twirl about!


Tita Ellen & Aunt Tara

Have fun!

Make memories!


Kat Weeks (a friend of mom's)

Way to go, Isabelle

Do your THING!!

We love you

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Aunt Angele & Uncle Freddy

Much luck

and have so much fun, Iz!

We are so proud of you!


Aunt Stef, Kirsten, Emma & Laney

We are so proud of you and everything you work so hard for.

"Beautiful girl, you can do hard things."


Pretend Aunt Amber & Uncle John

Watching your videos was so fun when you were here. You have so much grace and move so fluidly. You are clearly very athletic and talented!

I can't wait to see future performances!


Aunt Tara

Good luck and have a COLORful year!



(a friend of your mom and admirer of your cosplays)


You made CAPTAIN!!


We love you & continue to grow prouder of you

and your leadership each day!


Mom + Thor

Good luck Iz & team!

Y’all are so amazing; your hard work pays off. Keep it up!


Your Arizona support village!

Isabelle may you and your team have a great year and y’all rock!

Congratulations on making team captain -

so awesome!


Adopted Auntie Deanna & Adopted Cousin Maddie

You are an amazing young lady,

just like your mamma.

I may not know you, but I know your mamma ​and she brags on you SO much!

Keep doing right and shine bright!


Sarah (from Allrecipes)

I am so proud of you! ​You’re killing it so ​far and it’s only up ​from here.

your cousin Maelee


Keep doing you boo!

HUGE thank you to these incredible folks for making magic happen!

Lola - Kat W. - Ash D. - The butler family - Tami B. - Megan U. - Sarah J. - Tita Ellen & Aunt Tara - Philip C. - Heather B. - Julie W. - Diana T. - Kristen C. - Jan C. - Aunt Stef - Jennifer B

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